Spatial Analysis in 3D – Space Syntax

Space Syntax dates back to the 70’s and is used for analysing connectivity, opennes, visibility and flow of spatial configurations. Popular applications are e.g. floor-plans of museums, city-maps,…


Realtime Global Line Radiosity

This post is about my new radiosity based global illumination renderer.   Global Line Radiosity First, there are a few different names in use for more or less…


Distance Transform

  Distance Transform   This post is about a short comparison of 3 similar distance transform algorithms. CDT – Chamfer Distance Transform DRA – Dead Reckoning Algorithm DDT…


Triangle Texture Atlas

Texture Atlas To store unique information per triangle, e.g. lightmaps, you may need to create a texture atlas. This is my first attempt to create one by myself….


Convex Hull 3D – Quickhull Algorithm

    Quickhull Algorithm A fast and quite simple algorithm to create a convex hull of a huge number of 3d points is the quickhull algorithm. Here’s an…


Space Partitioning: Kd-Tree [2] – using WebGL

  Kd-Tree Nearest Neighbor Search – WebGL Shader This post will be second part of my kd-tree research. I’m going to discuss the the kd-tree nearest neighbor search…


Space Partitioning: Kd-Tree

    Kd-Tree Another test on space-partitioning, using a Kd-Tree for fast nearest-neighbor-search (NNS). the building of the tree is done in a view lines of code: a…


OpenCL Pathtracing [2] – dynamic sunlight

  download: (24.05.2013) … a few notes … It’s an Java application using JOCL and JOGL. controls   LMB: rotate camera (orbit)   MMB: move camera (pan)…


OpenCL Pathtracing [1] ~ Realtime Renderer

  Pathtracer – OpenCL My Previous posts were about implementing a pathracer in Java. But the more features i implemented, the more time i had to wait, to…


Java Pathtracing [2] – Area Lights

  Area Lights My first rendered scene from the previous post was illuminated by a single pointlight. To be more flexible, i added the option to use area-lights…


Java Pathtracing [1] – first steps

  Photorealism – Global Illumination – Realtime Rendering In architecture an inevitable part of the design process is, to do visualizations of the project. So one sooner or…


Space Partitioning: Octree vs. BVH

Spatial Data Structures To reduce the ray-object intersection tests for raytracing a spatial data structure is needed. I started with an octree first, because it seemed to be…



Faktum ist – Murauer Bestandsaufnahmen. REGIONALE12 | HDA Graz | 13.06.2012 – 05.08.2012 by Thomas Diewald, Jacob Wegerer     Visualisierung statistischer Daten der Steiermark auf Bezirks- und…


Kinect – OpenGL

  Get the Flash Player to see this content.   the video/images show a quick kinect-demo using OpenGL for rendering. the pointcloud is easy to generate, and is…


Java shapeFile Reader

a Java/Processing Library for reading ESRI-ShapeFiles. download: the images (made with Processing) show visualized GIS-data of Styria,   border offset, done with diewald_CV_kit.


WebGL – MD3 Viewer

MD3 Viewer this WebGL sketch loads MD3-Files (Quake3 model format), Skinfiles and Textures to display Quake3-Models (the models are borrowed from the Quake3-Demoversion: ) The code to…


WebGL – Fractal

    this is my first WebGL-experiment. this sketch builds a fractal, which can be modified by the ui-sliders. it will slow down significantly if the recursion-level is…


Processing Library – diewald_MD3 (Quake3)

Processing Library – diewald_MD3 main project page (download): github repository:   A processing library for loading/editing Quake3-Models (players, weapons, animations, textures, …). Quake3-Models are saved as…


Processing Library – diewald_PS3

Processing Library – diewald_PS3 main project page (download): github repository:   this library is made for using the PS3eye camera in processing / Java.its basically a…


Processing Tool – TabManager

  TabManager is a processing tool, that lists the PDE-Tabs (sketchcodes) vertically in a separate window. download: The tabs order/position/color/height is customizable by some simple style-settings in…


Processing Library – Computer Vision – diewald_CV_kit

Processing Computer Vision Library – diewald_CV_kit main project page (download): github repository: processing forum     online examples: this library contains tools that…


PROJECTION [3] Shaderized

this is the “extension-post” for PROJECTION [2]. new experiments with shaders, for speed improvement as well as a better visual output, and other (new)  enhanced possibilities (realtime shading,…



    collaboration: jacob wegerer, thomas diewald title: infoTERRAIN date: august, 2010  – the whole project was done within 5 weeks. (25 hours/day) software: processing description: projection of…


Recursive Tree

date: 2010 recursive tree – done in processing online applet:

diewald_gray_final_P1020940 - Front_v1

Adaptive Folding Structure

Date: 2009/2010 Concept and Idea is described in this two posters.                                  …