Design and model for a pavilion.

date: 2009


The initial shape is given by the function of the Gyroid:

cos(x) * sin(y) + cos(y) * sin(z) + cos(z) * sin(x)

based on that, i modified the function (as seen in the posters) until horizontal platforms start to appear. K3d-surf is a great tool for playing around with math. It takes a while to get a feeling for it, but it is possible, with a shape in mind, to modify the function on purpose.

For further processing i went on with rhino, building myself some rhino-scripts to give the single surface a thickness, and for generating a stack of horizontal slices for lasercutting.

An additional script, for further experimenting, automatically generates a parametric stairway that winds itself up the the layers.


modell images

visualization of normals

rendered with maya (GI-Dome)

project description

different case studies

material – stairs – lightning – …



rhino scripts:

stair generator – generates a stair automatically aligning to the form of the heightmap model

organizing all the contours (numbering, positioning) for lasercutting


mel scripts: