Area Lights

My first rendered scene from the previous post was illuminated by a single pointlight. To be more flexible, i added the option to use area-lights in my pathtracer too. So now its possible to define objects/meshes that emit light from themselves. This is quite comfortable since i create the scene in 3ds-max and export it as an OBJ-file, which can’t save common light-types as pointlight, spotlight, etc…

Additionally i tested glossy and reflective materials.




  • 19774 triangles
  • 5 light-objects: 1 sphere, 4 cylinders
  • max tracing depth: 5
  • data structure: BVH
  • rendering time for each pass: ~15.5 seconds
  • resolution: 512 x 512 px
  • JAVA (processing)
  • note: obviously the bunny-model has some broken normals.