PixelFlow is a new Processing Library i’ve been working on lately.

Its focus is on physics simulation, computergraphics and computervision, GLSL, basically things I am interested in.
Current features include Fluid-Simulation, SoftBody dynamics, Imageprocessing Filters (lots of …, corner detection, optical flow, convolution kernels, etc…), … .


+ Fluid Simulation (GLSL)
+ Fluid Particle Systems (GLSL)
+ Optical Flow  (GLSL)
+ Harris Corner Detection  (GLSL)
+ Image Processing Filters (GLSL)
    - Bilateral Filter
    - Box Blur
    - Custom Convolution Kernel
    - DoG (Difference of Gaussian)
    - Gaussian Blur
    - Laplace
    - MedianFilter
    - Sobel
    - ...
+ Softbody Dynamics (CPU, GLSL is coming)
  - 2D and 3D
  - Collision Detection
  - Cloth, Grids, Chains, ...
  - Particle Systems
  - etc ...
+ Skylight Renderer
  - Interactive/realtime viewport renderer
  - Ambient Occlusion
  - Diffuse Shading
  - ShadowMapping
+ Utils
  - HalfEdge
  - Subdivision Polyhedra
  - Sampling

Most of it is, or will be, implemented in GLSL-Shaders.
New Features will be added continuously.
For a more detailed list have a look at the JavaDoc.


download: https://github.com/diwi/PixelFlow

Fluid Dynamics

Optical Flow

SoftBody Dynamics