A library by Thomas Diewald for the Processing programming environment.
Last update, 13/12/2012.

this library contains tools that are used in the field of computer vision.
its not a wrapper of openCV or some other libraries , so maybe you are missing some features ( ... which may be implemented in the future).

its designed to be very fast to use it for realtime applications (webcam-tracking, kinect-tracking, ...).
also, it works very well in combination with the kinect-library (dlibs.freenect - http://thomasdiewald.com/blog/?p=109 )... which i basically built it for ... to track blobs, generate contours from 3d-data, and else.
it should work in combination with other libraries too, since the blobdetection is very flexible and works with any given data-arrays.

the examples, that come with the library, demonstrates:
kinect 3D/2D tracking
a simple marker tracking
image-blob tracking

online example:

videos / screenshots: Processing Library - Computer Vision - diewald_CV_kit

  1. processing examples
  2. reference
  3. source-code
  4. library: diewald_CV_kit.jar

  1. connected component labeling - blobdetection
  2. contours:
    continuous polyline
    a blob has only one outer contours, and can have endless inner contours
    the outer contour always goes in clockwise-direction, the inner ones go counter-clockwise
  3. convex hull
  4. double-linked-list (used for the covex hull for quick node adding/removing)
  5. polyline tools (simplification, areasize, length, etc.
  6. color class for fast generating/extracting of color components


Download diewald_CV_kit version 1.1 (2) in .zip format.


Unzip and put the extracted diewald_CV_kit folder into the libraries folder of your Processing sketches. Reference and examples are included in the diewald_CV_kit folder.

Keywords imageprocessing, labeling, blobdetection, blobs, convex hull, double linked list, regions, kinect, computer vision

Reference. Have a look at the javadoc reference here. a copy of the reference is included in the .zip as well.

Source. The source code of diewald_CV_kit is available at github, and its repository can be browsed here.


Find a list of examples in the current distribution of diewald_CV_kit, or have a look at them by following the links below.


Platform osx,windows
Processing 1.5.1, 2.07
Dependencies ?